Are you selling your house? Want to make sure the report is a little bit shorter? Want to make sure that the inspection goes a little bit faster? These are some things that you can do to make sure that happens!

1. Exterior Doors – Make sure all of them are accessible, unlocked, and operable. If it needs to remained locked until the inspector and agent get there, provide a key. 

2. Interior Doors – Make sure they are accessible. Doors that are often forgotten about are attic entry and crawl spaces. These are very important doors to get into and if they are blocked will really slow down the process. 

3. Electrical Panel – make sure there is 3 feet space in front of the electrical service panel so that it can be easily inspected. 

4. Plumbing – if you know you have a leak, make sure it gets fixed prior to the inspection. If you can’t, let the inspector know prior to inspection or you could end up with a wet mess on your hands as they check the plumbing for deficiencies. 

5. HVAC – make sure your air filters are new and clean to ensure best air flow possible. 

6. Pets – pets should be removed from the property when possible. If it isn’t possible, make sure they are placed in a secured area. Keep in mind that we need to access all places in the house so in the backyard or garage aren’t always the best choice. 

7. Utilities – make sure all utilities are on so that the inspector can do a thorough inspection. 

8. Light Bulbs – replace any light bulbs that you know to be out. This saves time trying a new light bulb as well as potentially writing up a light fixture as not working. 

9. Foundation – make sure anything that is up against the foundation that could obscure the visual inspection of the foundation is removed.


So they are simple enough right? Thanks for reading! Let us know if there is something specifically you would like to hear more about or that you have specific questions on.